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Review of Pigalle (new Boston restaurant)


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Review of Pigalle (new Boston restaurant)

Andy | | Mar 26, 2001 03:58 PM

Just went to Pigalle, new place in the Theatre District of Boston.

- Excellent service. From the time we entered to when we left, the service was cordial, well-timed and courteous.
- Very affordable wine list. While the wine list is small, there are a number of wines available under $50.
- Imaginative menu items. I had a tuna sushi with fried phyllo appetizer that was just wonderful, followed by a duck torte (imagine soft duck meat mixed with pulled pork then baked inside a pastry crust.) Very rich but good.
- Handy location for the theatre. If you mention you have a show, they will time your meal expertly so that you are out in time to make the curtain raise. In addition, parking validation is available, making your parking price a steal!

- Fairly expensive. While my dinner wasn't too bad, my date had a dish that was marked "market price." Well, that turns out to be $42!!! I understand that the dish had lobster in it, but it wasn't a lot of lobster, and $42 is just too much for this.
- Mediocre deserts. While the restaurant offers the standards (warm chocolate cake, creme brulee) I expected more imagination from the pastry chef.

Overall, this is a good choice if you are in the theatre district and don't want to go to the big chains that have invaded the area.

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