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Review of Hawthorne's


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Review of Hawthorne's

psurpcv | | Feb 21, 2010 11:39 AM

My wife and I went to Hawthorne's for brunch today. We arrived as they were opening the doors at 10. Here are the things we discovered. The space is comfortable with lots of natural light and a gas fireplace on one wall. The food was good, our omelets were done well, nothing exceptional but the ingredients were fresh and the price $8 was fine. The homefries were excellent with peppers and onions added in and a great texture of the outside being crispy without being burnt. We added a side of sausage that was also full of flavor and cooked right where the skin popped when we bit into them. The only problem we had was the coffee. There are two different ways to order coffee at Hawthorne's either drip for $2.50 or French press for $3. We both ordered the drip coffee and were told that it was still brewing and would be a few minutes. Or we could order the French press instead. We chose to wait for the drip coffee. Well we waited..... once our food arrived at about 10:20, I asked the waitress about the coffee and she said that it was a big vat and it was still brewing but that she would bring it out as soon as it was ready. She then said we could order the French press, (at the $3 price). We chose not to change our order, then we finished eating our meals. At about 10:40 with no coffee in sight we paid our bill, sans coffee. We stayed a few minutes to look at their delightful beer selection and noticed the first cups of drip coffee being served at 10:45. On the whole, Hawthorne's was fine but we were both annoyed at the seemingly rookie brunch snafu of not having the coffee ready when the doors opened or at least shortly thereafter. Or at least offering us, at the time our meal arrived, the French press at the price of the drip. I think that we may try Hawthorne's again and hope this was just a fluke.

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