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Review: Good Luck Cafe in Manor


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Review: Good Luck Cafe in Manor

slowcoooked | | Jan 7, 2013 05:41 AM

As mentioned elsewhere, I freely pimp for great fried catfish and search high and low for the best no matter the distance. In Austin, I've had Springhill, Cherry Creek, Threadgills, Catfish Parlor, Southern Hospitality, and Hoovers each at least a few times. Good Luck's batter may be slightly overly salted for some palates, but it produces a crunchy and well seasoned cornmeal coating that compliments and doesn't overwhelm the white and flaky (and not gray or fatty) fresh tasting fish. Though I like their batter a bit better, a few times at SH the fish had that gelatinous fatty texture that puts me off. Good luck's fish really shines. Tied for first. Relatively short drive out 290 East and a couple miles north up 973. Oh, and the shrimp and oysters on my plate were great as well and the misses loved the "catfish toes" too. Slaw is a slightly sweet mayo based variety and the tartar sauce is as I like it - dill oriented and no sugar.

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