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Resurfaced!! Fernando & Isaura of my favorite Al Pastor fame!


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Resurfaced!! Fernando & Isaura of my favorite Al Pastor fame!

WildSwede | | Sep 6, 2012 12:23 PM

Found! Okay, maybe they were never lost in the real sense of the word, but Fernando & Isaura just resurfaced. These are the people who had the Taqueria in the back part of that neighborhood market on Summit/Hammond in Pasadena – the ones whose Al Pastor I just loved? I searched and searched for my original post, but, unfortunately, could not find it. I did, however, find many (many!) posts mentioning/discussing them. I also found a lot of posts discussing their taco catering business that goes under the name of Exquicitos Tacos (they still do the catering).
They have been open in this new location for about 3 months now (Pasadena location has been gone for almost 3 years). A great stop for delicious food and then a quick jaunt down York a few blocks to get some great sodas from Galco’s. They are now in a strip mall on the corner of York and 56th in Highland Park. I stopped by this past Sunday and it was so nice to see their smiling faces again and to eat their delicious food. I promptly ordered the Al Pastor burrito with salsa roja. A little while later, it arrived. It was damn good - whole, tender beans, rice, onions and cilantro and delicious, juicy, wonderfully charred and flavorful meat. With the nicely-spiced and flavorful salsa, it was a meal that I enjoyed immensely and was just as delicious as I remember it being.
As I was eating, several people came in for to-go orders, but I was the only one eating in-house while I was there.
On weekends, they offer the already-mentioned Pozole, Menudo and Birria. At all times they offer Al Pastor, Carne Asada, Cabeza, Tripas (which seemed to be a big seller while I was there), Pollo, Lengua, Carnitas, Chicharron, Buche and a couple that I am not familiar with - Higado and Rinon. All of these can be ordered as either a combo with rice and beans, burrito, taco or quesadilla. He said that he now also does Mojarra, but I am not sure if you have to pre-order for that or not. Red or green salsa. They also have fresh made aguas. When I was there, they had Tamarindo out front (not sure if there were others available as I just had water to drink). I also got an order of their Posole and Al Pastor and Carne Asada tacos to go. The Pozole was very good - full of meat and hominy. Delicious! Tacos were great as well.
The space is nothing fancy: just a few tables and chairs and a steam-table set up left from the previous tenants that they do not seem to use. But then again, fanciness is not what I look for at a taqueria – good food is!
Around 6pm, they pull out the flat-top griddle and set it up out front. I stayed a while and they got pretty busy. They told me that most of their business has been word of mouth and repeat business. They have been there for 3 months now and took over the lease from the previous tenant - Antojitos Chilangos. They said that business has been good, however, they are not sure what will happen when the lease is up. Personally, I hope they will be around for a long time. I appreciate their desire to make good quality, delicious food at very reasonable prices. I believe the tacos are $1 and burritos are either $4 or $5 (don’t know since I also got food to go and did not ask for a break-down). Go! You will like it! ;-)

Taco Riendo
5528 York Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042 (Highland Park)
Open Mon-Sun: 8am – 11pm
(626) 278-6327 (Fernando’s cell – but you can use it to place to-go orders)