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Restaurant for young couple, $100 total


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Restaurant for young couple, $100 total

alexinct | | Feb 11, 2010 04:25 PM

Hey all, my brother asked me if I could find a place for him and his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. I'm not sure what to expect in terms of reservations since it's so close, but I figure I'd get some input from you guys. They are both 19, so they're looking for a restaurant with a crowd that is more on the young side, but food is obviously the most important. They like Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean food in general, etc...not many limits. I don't think either intend to be completely decked out, so anywhere they'd look terribly out of place in a nice shirt (and probably jeans, although I'm not sure) and dress probably isn't a good choice. Would Alto be a good choice? The restaurant itself seems very modern but all I know about is that I drool over the menu quite often. I also looked at Locanda Verde since it's moderately placed and they could go pretty far with $100 (certainly more so than at Alto anyway) considering they are not old enough to drink. My brother also linked me to a place called Sakagura since his girlfriend loves Japanese, but I haven't been. They don't need anywhere terribly hip, just somewhere where they're not surrounded by 50 year old Wall Street types (no offense). Thoughts my suggestions, other places?