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Reposado - Palo Alto

mdg | | Feb 6, 2009 09:23 PM

Reposado finally brings the Silicon Valley area a wider-ranging menu in a Mexican restaurant. At last, a place where not every single dish is served with rice, beans, and/or tortillas!

We started with the sopitos (chicken, pork, and beef) and a corn soup with chili. We then had the roasted chicken pipian and the grilled salmon filet with mole verde. All were good; I was especially fond of the sopitos and the salmon. The food is good if not yet at the level of greatness of a Frontera Grill, a Gabbi's, or a Distrito. But it's new and promising; hopefully it gets up to the next level in time.

The wine list is OK, but could use some more regionally-appropriate choices. How about the great Mexican Nebbiolo from L A Cetto like they serve at El Callejon in Laguna Beach? Or a nice Argentinian Torrontes? Or an Albariño by the glass? There are no draft beers yet, and no tequilla list, both of which are common at many other sit-down Mexican restaurants in the area, and which go so well with this food.

The room is great - attractive, festive, and loud (but not as crazy loud as some places like this are). I think they've only been open a month but they were doing great business on our visit. They have an excellent location, a menu that so far is unique to the area, and good-tasting food. Hopefully this marks a new stage of growth for Silicon Valley Mexican restaurants as places see that you can do good business with more interesting menu choices!


236 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301