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Where to take Red Lobster foodies ???


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Where to take Red Lobster foodies ???

Ambiance | | Mar 16, 2013 05:05 AM

Since I have lived in NOLA, I was asked to make dinner reservations for 8 people who have probably never been anywhere nicer than Red Lobster.

Nice people, all seniors, who live in a small Texas town and have never been to New Orleans but are going to the Women's NCAA Tourney next month. When I asked them if they had made dinner reservations the thought hadn't even entered their mind.

So, before I really analyzed anything, I immediately think, some kind of quintessential old New Orleans place and booked a table for 8 at Arnauds. One of the ladies called me after looking at their website and said that they read that men had to wear a jacket.and the men going do not like that idea one bit.

So, guess I am looking for:
1. Somewhere that the level of frenzy of Saturday night in Nola is at a minimum.
2. Red Lobster kicked up a couple notches
3. French Qtr, CBD, or no farther than say half way through Uptown
4. Casual but not too junky. Nice sit-down.
5. No entrees over $29 ($30 could be sticker shock).
6. Some kind of New Orleans experience that they could maybe rave about to their friends at home.