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Non-red (Hawaiian-style?) Cha-shu


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Non-red (Hawaiian-style?) Cha-shu

Nermie | | Apr 13, 2011 10:46 PM

I'm trying to find a (grocery) store/deli/restaurant that carries the brown-colored Cha-shu. A recipe would be great too!

I used to see it offered at the Gardena Marukai a few times along with "regular" version that's smoked/cured and drier with the red outside but they haven't had it for a few months now :( The one I'm looking for is a more natural brown color and is moister than the red version. And it's also different than the drier (and fattier) Japanese-style Cha-shu that's oftentimes used in Ramen dishes.

Any ideas? Someone mentioned Sam Woo's on the East Side but I don't go out that way very often and would really appreciate finding someplace in the South Bay (SoCal, not the Bay area in NorCal)


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