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Jeremy Osner | | Nov 30, 1998 07:42 AM

Wednesday night, we tried La Boina Roja for the first
time; it is a recently-opened Colombian-style
steakhouse on 37th Ave in Jackson Heights. We were
quite pleased with our meal.

Ellen ordered skirt steak, a huge piece of meat that
was tender and not dry like Colombian restaurants tend
to serve steaks. I found the marinade too strong;
Ellen thought it was great. I ordered Frijoles
Antioque~nos, a simple dish of rice and beans with
chicharron; I didn't like the chicharron as well as I
have at other Colombian places in the neighborhood.
But what I _loved_, and what will bring me back, is
the rice and beans -- I think it may be the best rice
and beans in the neighborhood. The beans are
incredibly plump, tender, flavorful red things; I was
wondering if they were kidney beans (infused with more
flavor than I've tasted in kidney beans), but the
waitress (another draw for this restaurant is the
quality and friendliness of the service) told me they
are called cargamento beans and are imported from
Colombia. If you like rice and beans, this is the
place to go. A bigger portion of beans came with my
dish, which was from the Tipicos section of the menu,
than with Ellen's, which was from the Especialidades
section; I don't know if that applies throughout the
menu. Next time I go I'll probably just order a side
of rice and beans.

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