recommendations for best value electric stove


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recommendations for best value electric stove

Mawrter | | Jun 18, 2009 01:51 PM

I'm in sort of a pickle. We have a crappy kitchen we'd like to renovate, but we don't want to do it until we can afford to spend a lot more for really durable and sustainable elements, good design, high quality workmanship. So we're content, more or less, to muddle along in our crappy little kitchen, knowing that :::someday::: we'll reach Kitchen Nirvana and sucking it up now it part of what gets us there. Okay, fine.


You knew there was gonna be a "but," right? <sigh>

But... our stove, which was a complete piece of junk on the day the previous owners bought it, is not working. We've already sunk money into repairing it and we're just at a point where spending more on such a lousy appliance seems pointless.

I have never bought a stove. I project the new kitchen will not be for 15 years, +/- (that's when the chowpup will be 21 and hopefully almost done with college). So I can't buy some new crappy little thing that won't last or that will be as much of a stupid inconvenience as the last. We don't have gas hookup and it's a conventional space - I guess 24", right?

So I guess what I'm looking for is your opinion on the best electric stove for the money. We are somewhat flexible on what we spend, and I am really into cooking, but clearly we are not talking Aga, Viking, Wolf, La Cornue. We're talking more like Sears scratch-n-dent or the local independent kitchen appliance dealer. I want something that will never break with normal use, self-cleaning, possibly flat surface, EnergyStar rated, unsure about other features... what do you use and love? Or hate? What is over-engineered nonsense? What's easy to clean? What's picky but worth it? What takes a beating and what's destined for the landfill in the foreseeable future?

Thanks in advance for any insight, experiences, etc. that you can share!