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raw honey question

ben61820 | | Jan 9, 2007 03:18 PM

Ok, so i eat a lot of raw foods. i am NOT somekind of raw foodist or raw foodie (or whatever theyre calling themselves these days), i just eat a majority of my veg and fruits raw is all. thats it, simple. i eat cooked meat, sauteed greens, etc, too. overall, very normal i think. anyway, i have a question about raw honey: there are evidently two kinds that BOTH claim to be completely raw (unheated) and unprocessed. i say this because i bought two different brands and one was/is solid at room temp and the other is liquid at room temp. also, the one that is liquid at room temp has the 'cappings' still in there with the honey. these are incredibly delicious and i love them. anyway, any beekeepers or people in the know out there that can do a little clarifying? thanks.

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