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chicgail | | Sep 27, 2007 08:55 PM

This may not be a strictly "chow" topic, but I am a chowhound married to a gent who is two weeks into a raw food detox diet and I have questions and concerns. The guy is eating basically fruits and vegetables, maybe a few raw nuts. There is little balance in the diet.

I have no idea what toxins raw food eliminates or how they are supposed to do that except to speed "elimination." In addition, I am concerned that there may be health issues regarding uncooked food. Is there a danger of salmonella or other microorganisms?

What about the enzymes that generations of humans who eat cooked food? Evolution has to have played a role here.

Also I don't see any evidence of protein. He says there is protein in bean sprouts and avocado, but that has to be trace protein. is that sufficient? I realize that he's only going to be on this for a month, and he'll survive the lack of protein, but they're pitching this diet as a way of life.

Finally, what happens when he goes off the diet. What will his body have to re-adjust to?

Mostly, I have to say I'm ticked off that we can't eat (dine) together.

If anyone has any experience in this, I would appreciate it.