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Ramen versus chuka soba ya


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Ramen versus chuka soba ya

Rinshin | | Sep 11, 2012 10:05 PM

I miss simple Tokyo style chuka soba/ramen of old days. What I'm finding is mostly very highly seasoned (kotteri) soup stock that is ok sometimes, but not what I am searching. Even here in the Bay Area there are some decent ramen places but mostly their stocks are again too strong tasting with sesame, miso, katsuo, peppers, tobandjan, etc.

I went to several places in Tokyo area but I found the soup in those places highly seasoned as well. It is possible the ramen/chuka soba I'm searching for only really exist in my memory and never were that great. I asked my cousin in Japan about this and he said it can be found if I look for chuka soba instead of ramen.

Do any of you know of good chuka soba places that serve the old style Tokyo ramen?