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Quince Vinegar specifically "Huilerie Beaujolaise Vinaigre De Coing" Ideas for other uses?


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Quince Vinegar specifically "Huilerie Beaujolaise Vinaigre De Coing" Ideas for other uses?

KateBChi | | Aug 1, 2012 12:35 AM

This is a great sweetish vinegar that I've never heard of. It's pricey but complex and absolutely delicious. I tasted it out of the bottle at the store I found it in Chicago and kept thinking this could make so many dishes absolutely great. My SO wanted salad for dinner followed by a grilled burger with good cheese on a toasted bun. This is about as easy as it gets so I wasn't about to countermand at the end of July when I know 10 minutes of prep time will result in a meal he will love. I don't know what he thinks but I rarely do bottled dressings and I make my own salads. He likes to get salads from salad bars because he thinks this is helpful but then never really likes the stuff he gets. I purchased this vinegar with the idea to make a spring mix salad with vidalia onions, sliced grapes, sliced grape yellow tomatoes and some spiced sweet pecans That I Make in large batches. The dressing was two parts Quince vinegar, 4 parts EV olive oil, 1/2 to 1 tsp dijon mustard, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of membrillo paste (quince jam - just quince and sugar) plus 1/2 shallot, minced and some minced chives. This was so surprisingly good. I use expensive balsamic vinegar in lots of recipes for marinades and sauces but this vinegar took me by surprise and I would love to incorporate it other dishes. Because of where I shopped, "Publican Quality Meats" we had a starter of crostini topped with their very nice chicken liver pate, some membrillo and a dash of the quince vinegar. Absolutely great (hopefully I am making it clear that these are not their offerings but stuff that I made at home using purchased ingredients that they do better than I do) I can't say I was thrilled with their porchetta sandwich with lemon aioli but they make more than enough things right to make it worth going there.

Has anyone else used this great vinegar? Obviously it works in the artisan Balsamic venue but it it is different and I would be interested to hear thoughts.

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