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Quick Veselka review


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Quick Veselka review

shivohum | | Aug 7, 2007 08:14 AM

Had dinner there last night. Diner-esque atmosphere, and the place felt solid and old-school, well-worn and appreciated. I ordered the vegetarian combo plate (2 cheese and 2 potato pierogies, and a meatless cabbage) and a blintz appetizer. Food overall was respectable but nothing spectacular. The meatless cabbage was a little bland for my taste. The pierogies were decent for what they were, but did not stand out as being particularly succulent. The blintz was the best dish, with its combination of dipping sauces -- raspberry sauce, sour cream, and apple sauce. These complimented the blintz's soft texture and mildly sweet cheese, and the sauces worked well against each other.

Overall: cheap, decent food. Nothing wowed me.

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