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Question on make ahead for T-Day


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Question on make ahead for T-Day

swfood | | Nov 19, 2010 11:18 AM

This is my first year in the lead for Thanksgiving, I have always acted as "sous chef" for my mom.so I have some experience with the meal. That said, I am trying to get as many things done ahead of time and am experimenting with new recipes.

So far, I have prepared and frozen a soup, and a sweet potato casserole; both types of items where I have successfully been able to prepare/freeze.

The remaining items that I need to tackle are:

Cornbread , apple, sausage stuffing (planning this for outside the bird)
Potato Gratin
Cranberry Pumpkin bread

Any of these good candidates to completely do ahead? I'm fine freezing them if I could get them out of the way this weekend...

I'm going to tackle the cranberry sauce and gravy this weekend.

On the big day I just want to focus on the turkey and some simply prepared carrots/string beans and mashed potatoes. I will also be fine doing one of the above the day of, but would prefer not to do more then that.

Ant other tips?


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