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Quality Grocery Stores / Markets in Delaware

appetiteforconsumption | | Oct 27, 2009 07:58 AM


My wife and I are newlyweds living in Northern Wilmington. I've taken on the job of making dinner and I'm learning to cook by trial and error. I know good food from (too) frequently dining out in Philly or Wilmington and also watching/reading a lot about food. Now that I'm trying to execute some of my ideas I have and recipes I've found, I am running into trouble finding fresh, quality ingredients at any of the grocery store we frequent.

For instance, are they any places where I can find decent fresh herbs? I want to make pesto but all the grocery stores just have those awful, tiny plastic containers of basil. I also want to cook some dishes with fresh rosemary and find the quality really questionable everywhere I look.

Also, chefs/hosts on the Food Network or PBS are always reference telling "your butcher" to do this or that with a cut of meat. I don't know about any of you, but I haven't seen Sam the butcher behind the counter the last time I went to Super G or Acme. Can you really ask those guys to filet a fish a certain way or cube bacon extra thick? Is there somewhere not ridiculously expensive where you buy your meat and fish?

Thanks for any help!

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