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bluedog | | Oct 21, 2004 04:29 PM

I have been a big fan of pupusas since discovering them in Kensington Market a few years ago, being made at the back of the Latin grocery store that is next to Jumbo Emapandas on Augusta. They shouldn't seem to work but somehow they do: meat paste or beans, and a mild fresh cheese patted into a masa harina dough to form a flat patty, pan-fried and served with coleslaw and a mild red sauce. They are so good, really nice comfort food, and watching the ladies at the store make them is a great show. Makes you feel like you are in Central America, if only for 15 minutes.

Questions: Best pupusas? Other places to get them? Different types?

They are an El Salvadoran street food commonly served at "Pupusarias" there.

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