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Do you prefer bibimbap hot or cold?


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Do you prefer bibimbap hot or cold?

JenniferLopez | Jun 9, 2013 06:18 PM

I ordered bibimbap the other day to see if I liked it enough to buy my own dolsot. I was instead presented with what looked to me like a cold deconstructed salad with a raw egg and raw strips of meat. This confused me at first but a web search revealed to me that bibimbap can be served cold or hot. I mixed it all up along with some sauce but couldn't bring myself to eat more than a few bites and instead had the chap chae and bulgogi along with some other bbq i dont remember the name of. They were all delicious but it was the bibimbap I looked forward to most as my introduction to korean food. Hopefully my experience with hot dolsot bibimbap will be better.

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