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Portland Day Trip - Donuts and Fish


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Portland Day Trip - Donuts and Fish

harrie | | Mar 1, 2014 05:09 PM

Our fishmonger is on vacation until April, and our fish supply was low - so the answer was clearly to take a road trip. Ran up to Portland (3-1/2 hour drive with no traffic) - there was probably a little cabin fever at work, too,.

First stop: Holy Donut. I'd ordered and paid for a dozen online, but showed up a little earlier than the chosen pick-up time. Not to worry - they were extremely accommodating about putting my order together and getting us on our way, even though I offered to come back later. The donuts are irregularly shaped and imaginative in their flavors. So far, my favorite is the chocolate coconut, but I haven't sampled everything yet. These are donuts where you know you've eaten a donut - unlike Krispy Kremes, where you could eat a whole box and still be hungry. (Not that I have, but I've heard....) Loooove Holy Donut, worth the trip for them alone.

Next stop: Harbor Fish Market. Lobsters, steamers, amazing scallops, whole red snappers, sole on sale - the fish is super fresh, and the people are helpful and knowledgeable. It gets busy, but everyone gets what they came for and goes on their way. I would have loved to picked up some oysters, but we already had steamers and sushi-grade tuna. So, maybe next time. Great place, will be back, whether it's on our next trip farther up the coast or just another random visit. Note: Picked up the lobsters at about 12:30, it's over 7 hours later, and they're thumping around in the sink like we just pulled them into the boat. Fresh, fresh, fresh bugs - yum!

Then, lunch at Miyake. We don't have a lot of good sushi in my neck of the woods (CT), so this was a real treat. Even the miso soup was a revelation, and now I know how it should/can taste. The miso soup I've had around home is pretty watery with some tofu in it - Miyake's broth was rich and so flavorful. Hub and I got the Tei Shoku - a starter and a main. I had tuna tartare, the hub had the marinated salmon. Both were excellent. Then I got the Chirashi, an assortment of sashimi -- very tasty, ultra-fresh fish, with some interesting items like monkfish liver pate. Just freakin' delicious, and a welcome change from the usual tuna, salmon, etc. we get at sushi places at home (though the plate contained salmon and tuna, which tasted phenomenal). The hub got a spicy tuna roll unlike any spicy tuna roll he'd had before. Again, the freshness was amazing, and the flavor combinations - tuna, yellowtail, avocado, plum paste, almonds and a spicy mayo - showed off all the elements to an advantage. Service was excellent, helpful but not helicoptery.

Great, great day, and ten hours round trip. Thank you, Portland!