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Help with pork roast


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Help with pork roast

porkhelp | | Dec 1, 2009 04:37 PM

Hi... would appreciate any advice... I purchased this pork roast from Fresh Direct:

Unfortunately I'm relatively inexperienced with pork roasts (and cooking in general, to be honest) and have to figure out what to do with it, for a dinner this evening for a friend flying in late.

I initially covered half of it with a garlic type paste that I made, but not the fat side because a) I didn't have enough and b) I can't imagine anything permeating the fat to affect the flavor of the meat.

So now it's half covered in garlic paste. Won't this burn in the oven? In looking online, I can't really figure out what type of cut this is.... not a tenderloin, right? Should I cut off the fat? Should I should sear it in a pan, then roast it? Should i wipe off all this garlic ridiculousness? Should I cook it on a high heat in the oven, then lower the temperature, or slow roast the whole thing? It's only about 2.15 pounds.

Help much appreciated!

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