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Pookies Westlake Village

nikibigmouth | | Mar 19, 2011 09:36 AM

I was (past tense) a huge fan of Pookies but after last night I
doubt I will return....
The service, never too speedy and almost expected, surpassed itself by
being horrendous!
We ordered the food, it arrived haphazardly , we ate, it was not by any means up to the usual standard.
Pookie was running around seeming to do everything single handed, the other waiting staff were even more slow and surly than ever, the new girl was doing nothing.
I told her the toilet was blocked and if it was flushed it would over flow, she was totally disinterested.
Anything she was asked she was dismissive about. I think even Pookie had to deal with that blocked loo...
We had told Pookie it was my son's birthday and we waited for over 40 mins for a plate of fried banana with a candle on....
Coffee (instant) took 25 mins to arrive, my sons gave up and took to playing on their phones, my daughter had a melt down and it was a rather dismal evening!
Pookie needs to realize she needs to have some waiting staff to compliment her restaurant, none of the waiters seem to enjoy being there!
Really sad!
Oh, and we were overcharged by at least $30!!