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Polish Place in Tompkinsville, SI


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Polish Place in Tompkinsville, SI

CitySpoonful | | Jul 18, 2011 06:42 AM

We stopped by the Polish Place on S.I. just before closing Friday night and picked up some takeaway from the grocery food window (the sit-down restaurant next door was closed).

The owner fried potato pancakes, pierogies, a crepe and a blintz on the spot for us and heated the cucumber soup so we could try it warm. We also snagged a few cold sides: beet salad and sauerkraut. Everything is made from scratch in-house -- the owner told us she uses many of her own recipes, but also looks for new ideas in Polish women's magazines. :)

Amazingly flavorful potato pancakes -- garlicky and oniony, though extremely greasy. Great with a side of their thick sour cream.

Rich, creamy cucumber soup (sour cream in the broth) -- tons of veggie chunks and great tang from the bits of pickled cucumbers and tons of dill.

Props for the saurkraut, as well -- which had both cabbage and carrots and was not overly sour, but rather full of flavor from some combination of spices -- more like those addictive, coriander-seed-studded carrot salads you find in Russian grocery stores.

Full write-up to follow soon -- and perhaps a return visit with some meat-eaters in tow. There's a ton of pork, chicken, etc. dishes (e.g., stuffed cabbage) that are well worth investigating. (Indeed, that whole stretch of Victory Blvd. is a really interesting mix of Mexican, African and Sri Lankan markets and restaurants....)

The Polish Place
19 Corson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301