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pistachio meat paste


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pistachio meat paste

mr mouther | | Aug 20, 2007 06:19 PM

for some reason i decided to shell a bunch of pistachios last nite bfore eating them. well i shelled significantly more than what I wanted to eat (what was i thinking?) and now i'm wondering if anyone has experimented with figuring out a way to soften and groound down pistachio nuts into a paste of some kind.

what i'm thinking of doing is grinding down in mortar/ pestle, then adding to some hot liquid/s (any recs?) and then thickening up with corn starch or flour.

i dont know what to put it on yet, but i was thinking about mixing into mashed potatoes or things ith that kind of consistency, maybe even layering over roasted veggies.

what ya'll think?

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