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Pink Kombucha


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Pink Kombucha

Pei | | Sep 11, 2006 03:22 PM

I fear I might be the only kombucha maker on this board (hellooo? Anyone else out there?) Hm, I hear echoes.

But for those who are even vaguely interested, here's a great shot of some pink kombucha!


I infused my last batch with a few hibiscus blossoms and ended up with a gorgeous, fizzy, tangy drink. Perfect for summer, when water's gotten boring but sugary or alcoholic drinks don't really appeal.

What else is good in kombucha? And, being the broken record that I am, I'll say again that homemade kombucha is a million times better than that horrible stuff they sell in fancy food stores. Homemade is only as tangy as you want it to be, and incredibly fizzy.