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Pho Que Hu'o'ng Restaurant - A good bowl of Pho, Oak Park, MI


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Pho Que Hu'o'ng Restaurant - A good bowl of Pho, Oak Park, MI

gangofpour | | Mar 30, 2009 05:40 PM

Facebook/Chowhound gal pal, Martha Shea, aka BerkleyBabe and I went on a lunch adventure today. The mission was to visit Saigon Market on John R. just south of 13 Mile so I could pick up some supplies and to check out a newish Pho restaurant a block north of there - Both are in Madison Heights, MI, a suburb of Detroit.

We entered a very small establishment with several tables filled with hungry eaters. Martha and I split a side of fresh spring rolls and we each ordered a bowl of Pho, chicken for me and rare beef for her.

Everything was delicious. The Pho was served with the requisite fresh Thai basil, lime and bean spouts. I enhanced my Pho with two tiny spoonfuls of a wicked hot pepper concoction available as a side at each table. As I was taking photos, the chef came out and gave us each a take out menu and explained that he has a web site. I think he was somewhat tickled that someone was taking photographic notice of his food.

Martha and I talked about wanting to come back to try the several different Bahn Mi Thit sandwiches as well as the Chim Cut Roti ("special marinated quails in deep fried"). A neighboring table ordered the quail and it did look tasty!

At Saigon Market, Martha picked up a package of jellied lychee candy that has the consistency of jello. For those of you who may not know about Saigon Market, they grow their own greens in, if I understood the owner correctly on a previous visit, a greenhouse just south of Michigan's border in Ohio. Tubs and tubs full of wonderfully fresh looking basil, pea shoots, garlic chives, and various other things I have no idea what they are. They also bring in their own duck and chicken (feet still attached).

Nice lunch!