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Pho 95 (near Gerrard/Broadview)


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Pho 95 (near Gerrard/Broadview)

chalenegirl | | Sep 11, 2007 10:48 AM

Hi all,

I went to Pho 95 today for lunch. it's located on Gerrard, about one block past Logan, it's beside Batifole. so far i've been there 3-4 times, and i left satisfied each time. there has been a couple of pho restaurants there in the past which have closed down (pho bo tay, was the last one). i've only tried the soup, but i find it quite good. the pho is much much better than MiMi's. my favorite thing about the pho are the noodles. the noodles are thick, a medium width, and are kind of al-dente. they are very fresh. the broth is also quite good. the portion sizes are good as well. so far i've only ordered their different types of pho (small is $5) and i've liked them all. the avocado shake there is also highly recommended, as they seem to put more avocado in it than the average pho place.

They also have a wide variety of Thai and vegetarian foods there, but I have yet to try them. In the past when I have gone here to eat it wasn't busy and the service was excellent, and there were many people coming to get take out as well.