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Jeremy Osner | | Jun 4, 2000 06:58 PM

We spent a pleasant weekend in Philadelphia with my brother -- two main food experiences were: the soul food truck across from the train station (see Jim's report), where we picked up excellent, smokey ribs, and fried chicken and fish (plus the sides -- collards, yams and potato salad were all top notch. Skip dessert though, the peach cobbler we got was inedible.) And Cafe Lutecia on 23rd Street for breakfast this morning, coffee and French pastries, recommended.

Also we went shopping at the Italian Market with my brother -- it seemed like a great place for produce, fish, meat, cheese, etc. I'm only sorry we didn't stay another evening, to cook with that great food. Also we found a surprisingly wide beer selection at Omega Pizza, on 22nd Street near Lutecia; four or five good microbrews and several Belgian ales including two varieties of Chimay, and Corsendonc.