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Palenque Food Truck

petuniafromhell | | Apr 16, 2012 11:10 AM

I've seen this truck a couple of times before i finally decided to give it a try..the Palenque Food Truck..i ordered the corn arepa with chicken and a side of yuca frita. It took forever for them to get my yuca, not sure why, since all you have to do is fry them to give them crunch and color since they are already blanched. The yuca had the middle strings which made it difficult to eat and it was not seasoned.

The arepa, which i'm not sure (and someone please let me know) it is not like the ones i've had before...i've eaten Venezuelan arepas, not sure if these are different..but it was a hard yellow corn shell, which they serve in a plate open face with the toppings...i had 3 sauces, i green chimichurri like one, avocado and a orange one....all i could taste was the green one and it was very herby and not very good. They serve this on a plate with a plastic fork and knife and it was very difficult to eat and not very tasty..i ended up dumping most of it....

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