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Oysters and HDTV


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Oysters and HDTV

Carty | | Oct 12, 2007 09:31 AM

I have a friend who was foolish enough to bet me ‘a dozen oysters’ that the Yankees would outlast the Sox in post-season.

He is offering the pay the debt this Sunday during the Patriots game (4:00). Please help me with some recommendations.


1. Money is no object. I need to hurt the dude for making such a stupid bet.
2. Easily accessible from downtown (I live at Tremont and Avery).
3. Oysters.
4. Has nice viewable HDTV with Pats game displayed. Sitting at the/a bar OK, perhaps even preferable.

Number one is very important, I do not want to be someplace with sawdust on the floor and a bunch of jamokes. I *am* a jamoke, but I don’t want to be hanging out with the likes of me.

How about Mooo? In the pic in the review in the Globe there appears to be a HDTV over the bar. Does Mooo have oysters? How does anyone learn anything about Mooo anyway, their website is very stealthy.

Any suggestions very much appreciated.

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