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Organizing a ChowCrew!


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Organizing a ChowCrew!

fredid | | Sep 23, 2008 07:39 AM

Wanna eat with good company and adventurous eaters? Several of us here in Boston eat on a weekly basis with each other - We love "hole-in the-wall", interesting food from around the world..Others might focus more on fine dining for their get-togethers. Unlike ChowDowns, where a single restaurant/date is decided upon and posted on Chowhound with an open invitation (see "For Organisors of Chowdowns and other Real Life Meetups:, our ChowCrew is a set group that meets regularly and communicates OFFLINE via email. To keep the organizing simpler, we don't usually post our "dates" as an open invitation, (although people have found us via our profiles - see below). I'm assuming if you would like to set up a ChowCrew, you could issue an initial invitation via your local board, and then MAKE ANY ARRANGEMENTS OFFLINE (per CH policy!). Here are some details to keep in mind:

* We're not an official ChowHound group, but a bunch of chowhounds! We do like to post on our eating adventures, to add to the deliciousness quotient of CH!

* We NEVER announce ourselves as part of Chowhound at the restaurant - the point is to get the usual service, and we don't want any special favors!

* CHs have been uknown to use email,, Google groups, and so on to meet and communicate. Take your pick!

* Email: One person needs to be brave and either include their email in the original invitation/post, or in their profile. Two IMPORTANT suggestions: To prevent/limit spam, use the word "at" instead of the standard symbol "@", and don't add the ".com". Also, many CHs set up a free email account through one of the big companies, separate from their usual accounts, just to organize these.

Happy chowing!

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