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Omnivore - What A Bore


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Omnivore - What A Bore

johannabanana | | Sep 22, 2012 09:25 PM

Went to the French/No French dinner with Dominique Crenn and Alexandre Couillon yesterday -- what a disappointment! A lesson in watching out for bad one-off dinners. I went to a great David Kinch dinner arranged by the James Beard foundation a couple of years ago and was looking forward to another thoughtful presentation by a traveling chef, but Omnivore did a useless job serving a <not inexpensive> $75 dinner in De Kalb market. The brunt of the food came from the cheese provided by Jasper Hill and a dessert from Pistache, i.e. neither of the two headlining chefs. We were told to be at De Kalb market at 8:30pm (at 4pm on the day), and waited until 10pm to have a tiny shot glass of rutabaga cocktail from Crenn and a semi-interesting but insubstantial dashi broth with crunchy bits from Couillon. Then there were 2 scallops served with a blob of parsnip puree and a few blueberries that no-one explained. All served by very scantily clad waitresses teetering clumsily in high heels who were maybe supposed to imbue the meal with some kind of French ambiance? Hard to say.