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nasv | | Apr 14, 2010 11:12 AM

I'm of the opinion that olive oil is the gold that holds the planet together :-) and lately I've been trying all sorts of olive oils from Spain, Italy, and here in California. In one of my local specialty shops, there was a new offering of a Spanish varietal olive oil, arbequina (my favorite), and it came in a container that I've seen frequently, but hadn't purchased: one of those rectangular metal cans.

I know those metal cans are great b/c they block the light, etc... but I'm sure they're not the best to pour from. My can isn't too big at 1L, but I decided I'd get one of those cool little glass spout pourers (cruet) like this one:

So, long story short, to get to my overly concerned/obsessed question, what's the proper way to use the cruet? And by that, I mean, do I just fill-it up and use it as I can? Do I just fill what I anticipate needing for that day, and if there's any left over, pour it back into the metal container? If I leave the cruet with some oil, do I need to worry about exposure to air through the spout... rancidity? Does it need frequent washing?

Overly obsessed with taking detailed care of my olive oil,

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