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Oahu under $20

wanderlust21 | | Feb 26, 2010 06:32 PM

Oahu Hounds,

In 2008, I had a great food excursion on your island. My previous trip is here: I’ve listed the places below.

I’m back and would love recommendations for any new under $20 places to add to those below. The ramen here is a cut above what I get at home, so any ramen recs are particularly appreciated. I have a car and will report back. Thanks in advance!

Yotekko Ya – Ramen
Hank’s Haute Dogs
Nico’s – plate lunch
Side Street Inn - pork chop, clams
Leonard’s - Malasadas
Wailoa Bakery – shave ice
Million – korean stews
Gina’s – korean bbq
Shrimp trucks (Romy's, Macky's, Hono's, Blue Water Shrimp
)Tanioka’s – Poke
Maguro-Ya - Sushi

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