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Muffin Recipes - Advice?


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Muffin Recipes - Advice?

cabinsink | | Oct 24, 2012 08:09 PM

Hello -

For Christmas, with a bunch of different family members (kids, adults, grandparents, etc.), my daughter would like to be the Muffin Making Princess for Sunday breakfast add-on.

She is hoping to involve a cousin or two so I am thinking mass quantities but lots of variety.

Are there any tried-n-true muffin recipes out there that would be raving successes (hard to face disappointed family esp. at a holiday gathering), appeal to all age groups, and come out delicious in those muffin making small appliances?

We have been trying a variety of recipes and some come out like the Beverly Hillbilly Ellie-Mae's creations - rock hard & teeth breaking :). We have settled for cake recipes made into muffins (light and fluffy) but all of those are sweet and she would also like to make some savory. Successes w/ non-aluminum baking powder please. That is the only type of baking powder that we have and use...

Your help would be much appreciated!

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