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MSP - Jasmine 26 ***


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MSP - Jasmine 26 ***

Abacus | | Oct 10, 2007 05:57 PM

Okay, finallly made my way over to Jasmine 26 in Minneapolis (26th and Lyndale) after being prodded by the wonderful folks at my favorite lunch joint, Jasmine Deli.

I fell in love.

First, the place is beautiful with full bar. It is modern, sleek and comfortable with music loud enough to enjoy but not overpower a conversation.'

We started with cocktails. I had the Lemonrind thing - and my dining partnter, the Pear Martini. I guess we started with dessert! Strong enough to bring a smile and get us ordering.

We went to order the Basil Rolls but our server who greeted us with a huge, generous smile reminded me I've had the Basil Rolls at the Deli and recommended we try the Sweet Potato Toast and a version of Chicken Wings.

I was audible during each bite. Sweet potato sweetness, a touch of crispy salty sweetness of the shrimp and just lots of flavor especially when dipped into the light sauce. I didn't want to share and craved more.

The chicken wings were fine. They were chicken wings. Moist, flavorful. Five. I'm from Buffalo, NY - they were okay. Ehh......

BUT my dinner came next. The Jasmine Crepe. I went crazy for the light coconut batter of the crepe filled with meat, vegetables ......It was beyond my expectation. For 8 bucks.

My dining companion had the most expensive item on the menu - the Seafood Hotpot. It was fine. For $18, I expected something different.....but it was very delicate with plenty of scallops, shrimp and calamari.

I liked - LOVED my dish - the Jasmine Crepe much more and for much less $$$.

Light, fresh, I would expect from Jasmine Deli but even better. Our service was immaculate. Prompt. Friendly. Our water glass always filled.

If you want authentic - what do I know - there are plenty of joints in this town to try and everyone seems to have their own favorite- but if you want a nice place to go for dinner and appreciate fresh food, I'd recommend.Jasmine 26.

I cannot wait to go back.
No desserts......bummer.
Maybe next time.

Thanks for letting me share.......It was my best dining in the last month and I've been recently to: Birchwood Cafe, Corner Table, Good Day Cafe, Midori, and Colossal Cafe.....which all rate pretty high in my book. Jasmine just rates higher........

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