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(MSP) Help! Need Cookies Tonight


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(MSP) Help! Need Cookies Tonight

churchka | | Dec 13, 2007 10:57 AM

Okay, I need to buy 5-7 dozen cookies that I can decorate and sort of pretend I made them myself for a Christmas Cookie Exchange TONIGHT.

My plan, is to buy some cookies (sugar, peanut butter, whatever), a couple cans of white frosting, sprinkles, and green and red food coloring to quickly make "homemade" cookies. Unless I can find actual Christmas cookies on the cheap.

I know Lund's has cookies, but they are sort of expensive, and very big. I'm hoping to keep the price down. Anyone have any luck with cookies from Cub, Rainbow, or a SuperValue? Are Kowolski's any cheaper? Any national brands?

Please help!

(And for the record, I will admit to my buying cookies if asked directly, but will not make any comments on the orgin if not asked.)

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