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brian d | | Jan 14, 2008 05:40 PM

Hi! I've been making a pest of myself with pleas for advice related to an upcoming honeymoon trip (late March). On that note, if anyone has any suggestions for food and drink--especially lighter fare, and lower-budget--in and around Montmartre, I'm all ears (eyes). We'll be renting an apartment in the old 18th, and it's our first time in the area. In particular, I expect that we'll spend our first 24 hours plus (between arrival on a Thursday afternoon and Friday dinner at Taillevent) strolling the area and getting our bearings, so perhaps lunch fare and/or drinks (pub or wine bar?) would be the most useful information. FWIW, no French skills here, although I'm hoping to learn a little in preparation. Also, I'm keen on having an absinthe experience, so any suggestions in that vein, too, would be appreciated. Thanks!