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Montego Bay Gold Rum?


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Montego Bay Gold Rum?

wallabunny | | Mar 27, 2010 10:31 PM

Anyone know if it's at least decent? I bought some gold rum to use for the making of some spiced rum (recipe here: for some eggnog (recipe here: Problem is, doing a Google search for 'Montego Bay gold rum' doesn't result in anything useful. Has anyone tried this brand?

Also, if I want to use 250mL (1/3 of amount indicated by recipe above) of the gold rum for spiced rum, should I steep 1/3 of the spices for 24 hours or keep the same amount buy cut the duration by 1/3?

To further complicate things, I'm not that great at tasting/judging alcoholic drinks. Sorry!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

(If anyone is wondering, I bought gold rum since I didn't need that much spiced rum and gold rum seemed more versatile.)

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