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Molded chocolate

nicoleberry83 | | Oct 20, 2006 07:41 PM

I bought a pyramid-shaped chocolate mold with the intention of making a pyramid-shaped shell out of chocolate and filling it with chocolate mousse. I took a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and melted a good bit down. It wasn't runny enough to pour into the mold (I'd have to paint it in and, well, I didn't want to do that), so I added some vegetable oil. This made the chocolate very pourable. After refrigerating the molded chocolate pyramids for a while, I tried to unmold them--unsuccessfully so, though. The chocolate was too soft and would not hold the pyramid shape. I blame this on the veggie oil. I know I could use that "chocolate" stuff they sell by candy molds in craft stores, but I'm hesitant to eat something sold in a craft store. Any suggestions about how I can get my chocolate chips (I bought 'em at Costco, so it would be a shame to let all 144 oz. go to waste!) to melt down and actually unmold from the pyramids? Thank you!!!

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