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Lower-moderate priced Italian in Manhattan?


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Lower-moderate priced Italian in Manhattan?

covalentlybound | Oct 14, 2012 10:34 AM


I've tried searching the boards for Italian restaurant suggestions, but I seem to be finding posts that are either shorts-wearers or price-is-no-option, and I'm honestly a little overwhelmed by all the Italian restaurants out there.

If at all possible, we would like to keep our total food bill for 2 people to about $60-80 (though if it's really good and absolutely worth it, we would be willing to go up to $100). We don't usually order secondi's, so we'd probably be looking at 1 (maybe 2 if they're tiny) shared appetizer(s), 2 primi dishes, and 2 desserts. There needs to be at least a couple non-seafood options (allergy). We don't drink wine at all, but may enjoy 1 chocolatey cocktail each.

We would like go for a nice anniversary dinner, dressed in slacks and button-down shirts (really don't want to wear suit coats), in a quieter/calmer atmosphere (ie not super loud music and lots of banging and clamoring). I'm not really looking for the modern feel/look/atmosphere, but will put up with it if the food is worth it. We live on Roosevelt Island (near UES, F line), so certain areas like western West Village, Tribeca, and UWS are a little more inconvenient to get to.

I hope I've covered all the questions y'all normally end up asking.

Thank you for your help,
Rose and Jenn

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