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Last-minute SF Dim Sum!


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Last-minute SF Dim Sum!

tupac17616 | | Aug 22, 2006 06:40 PM

I'll be in San Francisco next week. First visit for both my father and I. He requested that we have dim sum that Thursday. After a lot of research here on eGullet and elsewhere, I had narrowed the choices down to Koi Palace and Yank Sing.
Koi Palace looks awesome and seems almost unanimously praised here on eG, but it seems a bit further. Google says 17 mins from our hotel. But is this accurate given weekday mid-day traffic in SF? We will have a car...
Yank Sing's menu looks interesting, although non-traditional. This will be my dad's first time having dim sum and only my second, so maybe it would make more sense for us to have a more traditional intro to dim sum. But now I read post after post that says it is ridiculously expensive. Is that the case? I don't mind paying a little more if it is really good and warrants the price tag, but should I seek out other options?
What would you recommend? He first said he wanted the dim sum to be in Chinatown, but from what I gather the best dim sum is not to be found there, so we're open to other options as well.
(BTW: We're staying on Sutter St. near Jones, which I understand is between the Union Square area and Chinatown. And a definite stop that same day (before? after?) will be the Ferry Building Marketplace. And somewhere to see the Golden Gate Bridge. He also wants to Fisherman's Wharf, although quite honestly, I don't know what is there, and I've read it's a big-time tourist trap kind of place. So that should give you some idea of the geographical contraints on the dim sum options.)

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