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Mark Grossman | | Jun 25, 2000 07:57 PM

the Brothers Deli in a skyway location downtown hascorned beef as good as any I have ever had inNY City. Very good chicken soup. Have yet totry the pastrami. Unfortunately a McDonaldslike environment and limited hours, weekdaysonly, mornings and early afternoion, closing at 230pm. Zaroffs in Minnetonka was a major disappointmenton Fathers Day with their almost inedible cornedbeef and pastrami sandwiches. They need torethink that part of their menu.I always thought the just closed for good LincolnDell was over priced and over rated.Cecils in St Paul is the old standby.havent been to Chessens downtown MinnyWith even the Carnegie Deli in NYC goingdownhill, what can ya say??

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