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Mid-Priced Barcelona, suggestions

Frederick on Bay | | Jun 8, 2008 10:06 PM

I have read as much about Barca restos from the current entries in the Spain/Portugal info. Lots of info to feed on...
My wife and I are going there in late June for 3 nights (Thu,fri,sat), and we are trying to be "midbudget"... Lots of stuff on the board about high-end places such as all those familiar candidates in Eixample -- cinc sentits, Moo, gaig, Alkimia and such.
But nothing about 'best bang for your buck" on Catalan restos...
Looking to spend, on average, between US$100 to US$120 for dinner for 2, that includes starter, dinner, split the dessert and bottle of good rioja/red
Couple of places that are doable, on price range, are Agut, L'Olive, Nonnel... Trying to find a seafood specialist outside of Rias de Galicia, and Can Ramonet looks doable.
Suggestions are welcome. In essence looking for not true, true high-end but just a notch below the usual suspects... Not looking for hole in the walls either.
Look forward to any help that can be provided.

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