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Michigan Micro Farms

qriusminds | | Mar 17, 2010 05:05 PM

I recently was introduced to this start-up operation, Michigan Micro Farms. The idea behind it is that you can acquire a small plot of land on a yearly basis to grow a garden in an organic environment. It's a great opportunity for people without access to a garden to have fresh organic fruits and vegetables during the growing season. They care for the garden for you and you can go out and harvest the vegetables on your own. Even better, if you have more than you can use, they'll take it to the farmers market and split the proceeds with you. For the more ambitious "green thumbs" you can take more control over your garden and they'll simply handle the watering.

Check out the website:

I'm interested in getting some feedback from the Chowhound community because I'm seriously considering signing up. It could become an interesting new hobby.

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