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Mexican in Wildwood


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Mexican in Wildwood

Leslie | | Sep 4, 2001 07:41 PM

Just got back from my summer vacation in Wildwood. Had tea at the Twinnings Tea Room in Cape May. Good, not as good as last year.

Considering the Wildwoods are not known for the cuisine (except for the Lobster House and Maureen), I was happy to stumble upon a Mexican/Colombian restaurant on Pacific Avenue between Rio Grande and the 4200 Block. (forgot to pick up the paper menu so I don't have the exact address). It's a good sign when people of a cultural group have gone out of their way to eat at restaurant serving food of that culture.

The plain rice was great. Beans were excellent. I had a pork dish with salad, rice and beans, and fried plantains.My boyfriend had breaded steak and Mexican rice. The food was excellent and low-priced. The name of the restaurant is Acapulco Restaurant. It's BYO.