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Eat_Nopal | | Jul 20, 2008 01:12 PM

One of our Boston based CHers e-mailed me about recs for Authentic Mexican in L.A. I was going to email back... but instead I had the idea for a thread that could live on in posterity.

Now, as some of you might know I am a few years removed from L.A., and I have never deluded myself into thinking that I ever knew everything there was to know about L.A's Mexican gastronomic scene. As such I would greatly appreciate if the heavy weights can join me on this thread... I am thinking of the Dommy & Kare_Raisu of the boards who really know what they are talking about. I only had a few hours sleep last night, so I apologize to the other heavyweights (I think you know who you are) who I am forgetting.

Now at the risk, well actually the certainty, of coming across as an annoying Phallus, I would like to set some parameters as to who is or isn't a heavyweight on said topic.

> If you go around ordering an Asada, Pastor & Carnitas taco from every Mexican restaurant as your gauge... you are NOT a heavyweight.

> If you know that L.A. is inundated by passable, but unremarkable versions of Asada, Pastor & Carnitas... that would be laughed right out of Tijuana's residential neighborhoods then you ARE a heavyweight.

> If you think highly of Pepe's Tacos, Tito's Tacos, El Cholo or any such other slop & glob, defecation on a plate type eatery than you are NOT a heavyweight.

> If you think too highly of the mediocre Foodie paradises like Loteria Grill & La Super Rica than you are NOT a heavyweight. However, if you summarily dismiss them & their style of food as "Not The Real Stuff Esse" than you are NOT a heavyweight either. Both places are largely authentic... quality is just not going to take anyone in Mexico by storm.

> If you look forward to Pozole made from dried corn (can actually tell the difference) and always fight for the Cheeks & Neck Bones than you ARE a heavyweight.

> If you have ordered any 5 of the following in a Mexican restaurant then you ARE a heavyweight:

Whole Fish
Flor de Calabaza
Fava Beans
Chiles Tatemados / Asados

Okay... heavyweight standards identified.... please join my in recommending that best of Mexican L.A. in all its variety. While I may be a hardass Mexican snob... its okay to recommend a little bit of Tex/Cal Mex but only if it is truly outstanding & compelling. Always using Mexico as a baseline... if people in Mexico's interior would stand in line, to wait for it... then it must be outstanding & chow worthy.

I have to run now... but will be chiming in periodically with my personal recommendations.. and hope that others will as well.

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