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Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow


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Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow

trojans | | Jun 15, 2007 02:13 AM

Which explains the crappy service I received at Kiriko tonight. I go to the restaurant at least once a week. In addition I take new people there all the time, so if they like it as much as me business booms by a power of X. Tonight, I had reservations for four. The couple we were dining with wanted to go to Koi, I said let's go to Kiriko "you'll like it". Any way the hostess/waitress was in trauma mode and didn't even notice that we walked in. We stood around for more than five minutes and I said to Ken i'm the 9:00 res. for four is this our table? he said maybe she will check. Another five minutes of standing still no answer. So my wife goes to this befuddled woman and verifies that yes that is our table. We sit, we wait, I stew. I order Omakase every week at this restaurant, I'm regular but tonight I'm chump. Finally the waitress, not Ken's wife, takes our order. My wife and I want Omakase. The waitress says no omakase unless everyone orders it. I said ask Ken. She says no. I said ask Ken. She Says no omakase unless all order it. I said ask Ken finally she does he says ok omakase for the two of us. So the other couple get their rolls and my wife and I are sitting there waiting wainting and waiting, finally the trickle begins. Basically we got some prepared food (tofu, king crab spring roll, wagyu sashimi) and some sashimi, two plates. Couldn't take the pain of eating anymore when the other couple had alreay finished their orders so we cut off the omakase. I'm hurt because I really like Kiriko and I felt that if you patronized one sushi restaraunt consistently you would get better service. Wrong. Hirozen here I come.