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Mediterranean Meal

raisa | | Jul 17, 2012 12:13 AM

I have been requested to host two meals themed on Mediterranean cuisine for a family occasion. We are actually aiming for Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan etc. May even Arabic. Not Greek or Italian. We need a sit down menu for lunch and kind of a buffet spread for dinner. I'm not much familiar with this kind of food.

I was thinking of lamb as the main for lunch, with a festive couscous/rice dish. I'll need at least two more dishes for lunch including a salad.

I was thinking an appetizer platter for dinner including hummus, tehini and baba ganush. Some kind of Kofta as main and fattoush, etc. I'd love to include mackerel somewhere if possible. What else can I include?

Any suggestion how I should cook the lamb? Or should I aim for something else? Will be kofta and grilled mackerel be too monotonous?

This is the first time I am hosting the family event. Please help me out.