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Martini in Austin?

saticoy | | Jul 9, 2007 03:59 PM

Not sure if this meets the board criteria, but since I am specifically looking in Austin, and since I will be eating the olives, I am putting out a request for an excellent martini somewhere in Austin.

A martini to me is gin, vermouth and olives - shaken or stirred enough to get cold, served up in a stemmed glass with a triangular bowl. No fruity stuff, no vodka, not dirty, not Mexican. My gin of preference is Boodles, but Bombay (not Sapphire) or another with "oomph" can send me over the moon. My vermouth of choice is Noilly Prat - too soft for some, but since I like to taste the vermouth (none of this "waving the bottle near the glass" nonsense) I prefer a more understated counterpart to a good, complex gin. I like my olives big, briny and unstuffed. To make a great martini, the bartender has to feel it.

So - any recommendations for a well mixed classic martini in town?